Collection Boards

Creating these boards are of significant importance in identifying certain aspects of the collection. Visual representations can help create a sense of what the collection is, who it is for, and what colors are used. 


Target Board

The target board answers the question of "who is this collection for?" It is important to distinguish, as this will help define what silhouette, color, and fabrication choices the designer will make when developing the collection. 

This woman is a power woman. She works hard in her environment, attends high-end business meetings, and is not afraid to have the outfit on that gets talked about around the office. She wants to encourage others and teach them. She is humble, and not arrogant. She will leave a legacy and create a story that forever impacts the company she works at. 

Color Story Board

A color story gives the colors that the designer will be using for the collection. It should be a series of colors that work well with one another and provide cohesion. It should be in line with the target market, and work well with the inspiration and seasons. 

I decided to go with earth-like tones, to match my inspiration. With it being a F/W collection, having these natural earth tones are perfect for the fall weather. Colors tend to be more rich and deep in their color. I chose these assortment of colors knowing that it will work with the season, client, and inspiration


Mood Board

The mood board is designed to set the "mood" for the collection. It is an assortment of visuals that best identify what the collection's inspiration is and what it represents. It guides the designer in making decisions to stay in line with the mood of the collection as a whole. It embeds the color story within it, as well. 

This mood board is consistent with the ideas of layers. There are visuals of folded fabric, images of layers of the earth, as well as layers of distressed books. Words float around the page to allow the viewer to feel the power and meaning behind those words as they relate to the visual imagery generated by the board. 

Visual Storyboard

This is a board that I put together and set up in my studio space. I felt it was important that, once the target and inspiration were established, that I create a storyboard with all of that information. I also included illustrations and fabric swatches to get an even better sense of what I wanted my collection to be. Whenever I had a question about which direction to go in, or what decision to make, I would look to my storyboard for answers.