Men's Athletic Collection

Due to the current pandemic, people have taken to activities and hobbies that can be socially-distant. People, especially during the peak of the pandemic in the Spring and Summer, took to running and other athletics. 


This gentlemen is ready to take on running. After being in isolation and working from home, he is trying a new palette of brighter colors coupled with comfortable neutrals. These brighter colors attract attention and exudes confidence in himself. 

3D software has become revolutionary in the fashion industry - especially among the ever-changing world we live in. These are mock-ups of a short and tank top with corresponding patterns. 

These flats are representative of the full line.

-Interesting style lines are generated to create visual interest. 

-Vented fabrics allow for breathability. 

-Zipper pockets are for a runner to hold items without getting lost.

-Elastic waistbands throughout for adjustable fit.