Notebook Research

The design process, for me, starts off with a number of collages within a notebook. I began with wanting to do "layered" fashion, with a number of articles clothing layered on one another. However, this type of fashion has already been done before, and I realized that I would need to come up with an inspiration that was authentic, and showcasing my skills as a designer. 

With that said, I began to research different ideas about what layers are, and where to find them. I researched: layers of leaves, layers of food, layers of colors, among many others. I started to solidify my research with layers of Earth. I began to think of ideas of evolution, and the more conceptual ideas of layers such as: legacy, tension, compression, evolution, etc. 

These three pages started to create a synergy of colors, textures, and ideas about my new interpretation of layers that I felt I wanted to pursue. I felt that this was a good segway into the next process of my research: 3D Research. I liked the ideas of the "layers of text and information" within the books, as well as the "layers of tension, evolution and story-telling" in the slabs of Earth. With wanting to do a Fall/Winter collection, I also enjoyed the natural color story that was forming with the earth and brick tones.