Boston Fashion Week

In October of 2020, while the Coronavirus is still a looming problem, I was asked to be a part of Boston Fashion Week with Fashion Director Jay Calderin. He is an instructor at the School of Fashion Design in Boston, MA. He is extremely well known throughout Boston for a number of exhibitions and his participation in events. As a way to build community within the state, Jay reached out to a number of colleges asking if there was student interest to participate in a completely virtual fashion show. Myself and a few other designers, some current students and some alumni, decided to partake. None of us - including the team of directors - had any idea about how it was going to work. No one had ever done or had to think about a virtual fashion show before now. This, in hindsight, was actually one of the beauties of this show; it allowed for each designer to generate a video of their own, with their own interpretation. We decided how we wanted to display our work. I diligently began compiling images, videos, and information that I could showcase in Boston Fashion Week. To keep it succinct, my professor decided that our videos should be only about 1.5-2 minutes in total. In this way, people could get a snapshot of our designs without getting entirely bored.

I decided to do a mixture of video and series of images. I had a voiceover along with music to talk about my work. While I talked a lot about my junior collection, I touched upon what I enjoy about the design process, as well as who I intend to be as a designer in the near future.

This is an image from my notebook during my junior collection research. Although it felt trivial to do, I investigated line, pattern and texture through the use of crayons and tracing paper and leaves - the activity that children do in kindergarten and 1st grade. It was an interesting element in my design process. I really enjoy thinking abstractly before designing garments that are tangible and real.

As opposed to talking in depth as to what this video is and what I talk about, check it out for yourself below:

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