New Hampshire Fashion Week

New Hampshire Fashion Week was a particular fashion show that I sought out during the summer between my sophomore and junior year of college. Wanting to see if there was any fashion-related events in my home state, I began searching the internet for any fashion shows that may have taken place. Interestingly enough, I found that there was, in fact, a New Hampshire Fashion Week(end) that was taking place that Summer! I knew that exposing myself to other designers, models, photographers, and the general public is of severe importance when creating a network and name for myself.

I messaged the director of the show, Cynthia Hudson, expressing my extreme interest in the Student Competition portion of the show. Due to me being the only student who entered that year, she allowed me to be a part of the full show and submit my name as a designer. Ecstatic by this news, I began finding past work and finishing current work to display at the coming show in April.

Having only been in one other fashion show in my college experience, it was quite a daunting task. Though, between Cynthia being a wonderful help and the models being really excited about my body of work that I brought with me, I was quickly relieved of the anxiousness I had walking in. The show took place at a hotel in Manchester, NH. I brought 5 pieces in total with me - many of which were from my freshmen year of college. Because many of the other designers brought more ready-to-wear garments, my garments stood out as more interesting explorations and experimentations of fashion. When the models found out that they were modeling for me, they were extremely excited to be wearing such unique pieces!

Model: Michaela Christine

Photographer: Hill Zhou Photography

In photo: Gustavo Leon (Left), Mason Leonard (Right)

Photographer: Denis Gagnon Photography

Arguably the most exciting part was having the pleasure of meeting the MC, Gustavo Leon. A well-known fashion stylist, journalist, and fashion guru within Boston decided to MC the fashion show taking place in New Hampshire! Gustavo was very welcoming, knowing that I was the only student designer present and that this was only my second fashion show I had ever participated in. We talked a lot about myself as a designer after my models walked the runway, and I also had the opportunity to converse with him after the show to tell him more about who I was. The networking experiences I had at this show were truly impactful. I was exposed to a number of models, photographers, and designers all around the New England area. Directors from other fashion shows also asked me to be a part of their shows taking place later that Summer as well (see the New England Fashion Week blog post). It was a wonderful experience that allowed me to showcase my designs beyond the standard "school fashion shows" that take place every year; I wanted to expose myself as an upcoming designer to a broader audience. Gustavo, Cynthia, and everyone else involved was really happy to have me be a part of New Hampshire Fashion Week, and I look forward to participating again when the pandemic settles down and inside gatherings are allowed once more. The directors were thoroughly interested in having me return as a designer in the future as well. See below for an assortment of images from the fashion show.

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