Official Debut of Mason Leonard

On Sunday, November 22nd of 2020 at 3:20pm I made the announcement that my website was officially open for business! This website is a conglomerate of products and portfolio showcases that I have done. The intention of this website is to provide a portal of everything I have done as a designer - and also offer people products to purchase to help support my endeavors.

Feel free to read about my most recent collections, check out the stop, and even make an account to stay up to date on the latest details and sales!

This scarf, for example, is one that I hand-frayed myself. It is currently in my shop and available for purchase. Supporting a small business such as myself helps me further promote myself as a designer.

I am extremely humbled by where I am today. I have had an immense amount of support, and paired with my ambitions I have been able to create this website to showcase who I am and be able to tell my story.

Support can come in countless ways. Simply sharing my Facebook posts, commenting on any social media platform, or making an account are easy ways to help promote me as a designer.

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