Rescued and Repurposed


Check out the collection of rescued t-shirts that are for sale here! All t-shirts are unique in that there is no two t-shirts that are the same. The individuality allows for the wearer to express themselves through their own choice of design preference. 

These shirts are also saved from being thrown into a landfill! 

About these Shirts

Rescued and Repurposed Collection

There is no t-shirt that is the same. These t-shirts were salvaged shortly before they get thrown into a landfill. Mason has rescued these t-shirts and redesigned them to provide an enticing, new t-shirt that comes in a plethora of colors and sizes. These exclusive, one-of-a-kind t-shirts allow for guests to choose the t-shirt that most resonates with them; there is no one else in the world that will have the same shirt! 

On average a t-shirt takes about 700 gallons of water to produce. Each t-shirt combination thus rescues 1,400 gallons of water from being wasted into a landfill.


These t-shirts are seamlessly enjoyed by both men and women. Sizes are unisex!