Our Sustainable Initiatives


Unfortunately, there is no "one answer" in the industry that has a 100% closed-cycle process. At Mason Leonard, we create diverse options for our customers, and state clearly below how each of our methods are sustainable in their own way. As we continue to learn and develop, we adjust our methods to provide the most eco-conscious products and services possible. Feel free to contact us with information about methods or inquiries that you think would be helpful!


In our collections, we only source textiles that are eco-conscious such as: organic cotton, hemp, linen and others. These fabrics use much less water than other textiles, do not use pesticides in their production, and are all organic fibers that will decompose - unlike plastic textiles such as acrylic, polyester, among others. Some textiles used are even GOTS certified; the textiles have gone through a rigorous certification of being the most sustainable textiles on the market.


In companies that mass produce items, upwards of 500 t-shirts would be created in hopes that they sell at their stores. If they aren't sold by the end of the season, they are eventually thrown into landfills. Our company creates much less inventory in the preliminary production process, and will generate more product with an "as needed" system. This generates much less stock that will then not be sold and gone to waste. 


Although the clothes in this department are made from acrylic and regular cotton, these products are made as they are purchased. This way, there is much less wastage from having overstock. There is absolutely no overstock so products are only made as they are sold. Not only this, but there is much less freight being shipped around, reducing the emissions from trucks that haul product across the country, globe, etc. 


As part of the multi-faceted company that is Mason Leonard, we hope to soon offer a service that allow clients to request that their clothing be mended. Instead of throwing away, for example, a t-shirt that required 700 gallons of water to be produced because it had a small hole, it can be mended and worn again for a continued amount of time. It saves a person from buying a new shirt and expending another 700 gallons of water.


As a play-on words to the phrase "petty cash," at Mason Leonard we do our best to reduce the amount of energy used in the studio and office work. Examples include: turning off irons, sewing machines and other electrical devices when not in use; charging devices such as laptops only when needed, etc. This way, we are reducing the carbon footprint beyond the textiles and services offered through the company.


Our purpose is to make clothes that people will enjoy wearing - and that are conscious of the environment. Some trends are not the most fashionable, nor the most flattering. Companies break their necks attempting to stay on trend each season, mass producing immense amounts of garments that won't be sold in the next season. Mason Leonard provides clothes based on the styles that are timeless - and can always be worn alone or paired with something else to create an ensemble.